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As a resident in South Florida, the only two options you have to protect your home during a hurricane are shutters or impact windows. Impact windows and doors provide continuous protection from the various elements we have to deal with as Floridians. No more hassle to put up shutters every time there is a hurricane warning. Although hurricane shutters are less expensive, there are many benefits to impact windows and doors. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

Impact windows help reduce the solar heat gain in the summer and help retain heat in your home during the winter. This can result in significant cost savings on your electric bill. 

Increased Protection

Impact windows and doors, when installed properly, give you the highest level of protection to all that is valuable and vulnerable in your home or business. 

UV Protection

Impact-resistant glass found in hurricane windows and doors can help block UV rays from Florida's harsh weather. UV light can damage fabrics, artwork, photographs, and paint. This is an essential factor for us in Florida since we experience harsh direct sunlight most of the year.

Noise Reduction

There are many kinds of sound pollution you have to deal with in Florida. If you live by a busy intersection or highway, you know how disrupting outside noise can be. Impact windows and doors can help reduce unwanted noise and lead to a more peaceful home or business.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Many insurance companies recognize that installing impact windows and doors are effective windstorm protective systems. Insurance companies can offer reductions to your insurance premiums.

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NO Money Down, NO Payments, NO Interest

How Can We Help You with Your Home Project?

Home improvement can be stressful, so we’re dedicated to helping you make a well-informed choice. Our process always begins with an in-home consultation designed to present all the options and answer any questions you may have. From there, you’re able to make an educated choice based on what suits your needs and your home best. Certified master installers then install, seal, and insulate your new home improvement so you can start enjoying the views sooner than you think! Schedule an in-home consultation today to experience the TCG Windows difference.

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We provide full transparency and as much information as possible so you can make a well-informed and educated decision. That's The TCG Way.



Step 1: Book Consultation

Fill out the form or call us to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our expert advisers.


Step 2: Free Consultation

An TCG specialist will listen to your needs, provide information and any answer questions. We will discuss your options, budget, and select the perfect windows for your home or business. We will take initial measurements, and provide you with lead-times.


Step 3: Measuring

Our general contractor will take a final measurement before the project starts to ensure the success of the installation.


Step 4: Permitting

We will work with your city’s building department and HOA to acquire the necessary permits and approval.


Step 5: Installation

Our general contractor will oversee our professional installation technicians. Before any job begins, we will cover and protect your flooring and furniture, along with our home protection coverage guarantee.


Step 6: Inspection

Our general contractor will meet with you and the city or county building inspector to complete the final inspection.


Step 7: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our general contractor will do a final walk through to ensure complete satisfaction on your investment and answer any questions you may have. We will provide you with our lifetime transferable ownership warranty and leave you with a lifetime of reassurance.



Our tried and tested approach to giving you value.

Window measurements, type of design, material, and the manufacturer can impact the cost of impact windows. The industry average is about $40 to $60 per square foot without installation. Book a free meeting to get your quote!


Why Choose TCG Windows?

TCG Windows replacement windows and doors are designed with unrivaled energy efficiency and durability in mind. Combined with our dedication to customer care, you’ll experience the optimal window solution process. Guaranteed. 

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